PSNC’s CPCF checklist

Stay informed!

Please make sure you have followed the PSNC’s CPCF checklist’s….

Checklist 32 – National clinical audit 2019/20

Checklist 31 – PQS: Declarations can now be submitted

Checklist 30 – CPCS: Plan how to get IT access in your consultation room

Checklist 29 – PQS: Plan to start your lithium audit (if not already started)

Checklist 28 – PQS: Decide when you are going to complete the NSAID audit

Checklist 27 – PQS: Plan to start your valproate audit (if not already started)

Checklist 26 – Add these important dates to your calendar

Checklist 25 – PQS: Start working on your new patient safety report

Checklist 24 – PQS: Start working towards meeting the risk review quality criterion

Checklist 23 – PQS: Check the weekly NHS Digital SCR report to see if you’ve met the SCR quality criterion

Checklist 22 – CPCS: Check you are ready to start the service on 29th October

Checklist 21 – PQS: Complete the Dementia-friendly environment checklist and action plan

Checklist 20 – PQS: Consider if you could be a Pharmacy PCN Lead

Checklist 19 – PQS: Be aware that you can now check the gateway dataset report

Checklist 18 – PQS: Make sure all your patient-facing staff are Dementia Friends

Checklist 17 – PQS: Update your NHS website profile and your DoS profile now

Checklist 16 – Read the NHS England and NHS Improvement guidance for the Pharmacy Quality Scheme

Checklist 15 – PQS: Make sure your pharmacy team is ready to start working towards the diabetes quality criterion

Checklist 14 – PQS: Make your Aspiration payment declaration

Checklist 13 –  Review amendments to the Drug Tariff

Checklist 12 – Read the CPCS Toolkit ahead of providing the service next month

Checklist 11 – PQS: Get your pharmacy team ready to meet the diabetes quality criterion which starts on 1st October 2019

Checklist 10 – PQS: Start working towards the asthma quality criterion

Checklist 9 – Update your MUR SOP by 1st October to reflect new targeting requirements

Checklist 8 – Read PSNC Briefing 041/19: The Pharmacy Quality Scheme

Checklist 7 – Register for our CPCS webinar

Checklist 6 – Read the CPCS service specification and register your pharmacy to provide the service

Checklist 5 Check that your pharmacy is accredited as an HLP Level 1

Checklist 4 – CPCS: Check that your shared NHSmail account is in the pharmacy directory

Checklist 3 – PQS: Complete the required CPPE learning and e-assessments

Checklist 2 – PQS: Register for the Manage Your Service (MYS) application

Checklist 1 – Watch PSNC’s webinar