Amendments to Pharmaceutical List

For information about applications for new, additional or relocated premises, or  permission for emergency relocation of premises contact:-

Market Entry PCSE is responsible for validating and processing market entry applications on behalf of NHS England.

Notifiable market entry applications, where all required information is provided, take approximately four months to process from start to finish. Routine Change of Ownership applications should be completed within 30 days. Information on the market entry application process can be found on the PCSE website.

If you have any queries on a current application, please contact PCSE as follows:


  • Put ‘Market Entry’ in the email subject line.
  • In the body of the email, please include the pharmacy name and postcode that the query relates.

This will enable PCSE to respond to your query as quickly as possible.

Amended regulations came into force on 5 December 2016, relating to consolidation applications, new independent prescribers and to enable emergency supplies of drugs. PCSE is working with NHS England to assess the potential impact these changes may have on the market entry process. PCSE and NHS England will keep you updated on any changes to the process.

To apply for changes to core and supplementary opening hours please contact:-

NHS England South Wessex, Oakley Road, Southampton, Hampshire SO16 4GX  Tel: 023 8029 6904 E mail:

Thinking of changing your supplementary opening hours?  For guidance and advice on how to make sure your notification documents are correctly received, and information and advice on changes to core contractual hours, changes to supplementary hours, temporary suspension of pharmaceutical services and bank holiday opening hours please visit please visit  

Further information on the requirements of terms of service and the relevant forms needed to notify NHS England can be found at

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