GDPR guidance for community pharmacy

Community pharmacy contractors should be aware that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is approaching – all organisations must comply with the GDPR by 25 May 2018.

The GDPR and the UK data protection legislation that will accompany it represent an overhaul of data protection legislation and all organisations, including community pharmacy businesses, will need to take steps to ensure that they comply with it.

All you need to know!

PSNC guidance documents to assist community pharmacy working towards GDPR – Please click here.

PSNC held a GDPR compliance webinar at the beginning of April, which is now available to view.  Please click here. Watching this 60-minute webinar will help you make sure you understand what GDPR means for your pharmacy.

Ten Steps to Improve Data and Cyber Security within your Pharmacy – Please click here.

ICO research on Best Practice in Managing Data in the pharmacy. This will help you to think about gaps in your current processes – Please click here.

**GDPR training available via VirtualOutcomes. To register your pharmacy and access the GDPR module please see instructions here

Getting to grips with GDPR – Weekly updates: PSNC’s Gordon Hockley is producing a weekly series of updates:

GDPR Action Needed: Appointing a Data Protection Officer

Instalment 12 and 13. Data protection by privacy and design and the Impact Assessment

Instalment 9 and 10. Data security and data breaches

Instalment 8 and 11. Privacy Notice and data subject rights

Instalment 7 – Consent

Instalment 6 – Review and check your processors

Instalment 5 – Process according to data protection principles

Instalments 3/4 – Your lawful basis for processing personal data

Instalment 2 – Have a plan!

Instalment 1 – Where do I start?

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