PSNC’s collaboration with Pinnacle Health Partnership has two clear shared objectives: to capture the evidence of community pharmacy’s benefit for patients; and to ease the burden of record keeping, service management and financial tracking for services provided by community pharmacies.

The existence of PharmOutcomes and the data it allowed us to collect and collate on the New Medicine Service (NMS) enabled PSNC to undertake preliminary studies on the outcomes of the NMS. The results of this analysis were very encouraging and made the case to continue the service beyond the initial period that ended in March 2013. The national NMS evaluation, funded by the Department of Health, also had access to data from PharmOutcomes and it played an important role in establishing the value, leading to the NMS being commissioned as an ongoing service.

The NHS continues to move on and commissioning by local authorities and CCGs is more important than ever. Commissioners and pharmacies need service reporting and data capture to be simple and effective, and PSNC needs to be able to prove what community pharmacy services can do for patients and the value it can bring. PharmOutcomes is widely used, and we believe our work with Pinnacle Health Partnership offers a valuable resource for the community pharmacy sector.

Sue Sharpe
Chief Executive, PSNC
May 2015
PharmOutcomes is a web-based system which helps community pharmacies provide services more effectively and makes it easier for commissioners to audit and manage these services. By collating information on pharmacy services it allows local and national level analysis and reporting on the effectiveness of commissioned services, helping to improve the evidence base for community pharmacy services.  To find out go to their website at