RSG vote paves way for changes to PSNC and LPCs

The Review Steering Group (RSG) has announced that the thresholds for its contactor vote on the future of PSNC and the LPCs have been met.

The RSG reports that 68.3% of the sector (contractors representing 7,601 ODS Codes) took part in the vote, and that 88.6% of those voting (6,732 votes) did so in support of the RSG’s proposals.

Read the announcement from the RSG

The result of the RSG vote sets a clear direction from contractors for the future. PSNC will consider the vote outcome and its next steps at the July PSNC Meeting with a view to updating contractors after that meeting, and to putting together a more detailed action plan and timelines for the sector over the summer.

Although PSNC will not receive any extra proportion of levy funds until 2023/24, some of the work, such as developing a new vision for the sector and supporting LPCs through the next election cycle is both critical and urgent, and this will commence imminently.

The RSG has kept PSNC Members informed of its work throughout the process, and PSNC would like to thank the contractors on the RSG for the very difficult work that they have carried out. These thanks should also be extended to all contractors, LPCs and others who have engaged with and supported the work of the RSG over the past 15 months.

PSNC is very conscious that contractors will likely have questions about the proposals and what happens next, and this will be considered alongside other actions at the July meeting.

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