LiveWell Dorset supports people to improve their health and wellbeing

LiveWell Dorset supports people to improve their health and wellbeing through lifestyle changes

LiveWell Dorset’s engagement offer

LiveWell Dorset are a behaviour change service, empowering the population of Dorset to live healthier lives. They have four pathways: weight management, moving more, quitting smoking and cutting down on alcohol.  This offer is available to all Dorset residents aged 18 or over and anyone who works in the Integrated Care System in Dorset.

LiveWell Dorset’s offer to clients


  • Their Coaching service is available on all 4 pathways and offers that extra support to take the first steps. Coaches use evidence based behavioural science to discuss behaviour change techniques with clients. Coaching can be accessed by registering with LiveWell Dorset, either online or by calling on 0800 840 1628. Coaching takes place 1:1 over the phone. Each session lasts for around 20 minutes and we offer up to six sessions.

Weight management

  • LiveWell Dorset pay for clients to attend 12 x weekly group sessions, with access to all the online and in-group information offered by their chosen provider (either WW or Slimming World). Also included is attendance at two further sessions to keep them going, 6 and 12 months after they start.

Smoking support:

  • Referral to local pharmacy or smoke stop provider who can offer clients one to one advice alongside a selection of stop smoke products such as pharmacotherapy, nasal spray and nicotine patches.
  • LWD Stop Smoke Coach. The coaches can provide clients with one to one over the phone support to explore the stop smoke goal, things that may be challenging and then provide tools and advice to help them move forwards. A coach can organise a supply of NRT or Vapes too if the client fits the eligibility criteria.

Digital tools

  • Designed by health and psychology experts, this tool will provides clients with bespoke behaviour change techniques personalised to them. Clients can chose any of the 4 pathways and answer a few quick questions to better understand the changes they wish to make and the barriers they face in making these.
  • LiveWell finder This is a complete directory of health and wellbeing groups and services across Dorset. Clients can access the tool at any time and search by a range of criteria to find the right activity for them. Partners and activity-providers can also be guided to a link where they can add the activities they run to this directory.

For healthcare professionals

You can refer your patients to LiveWell Dorset using the ‘contact my patient’ tool found here

You input the client’s email and phone number, then select your details in the drop down below:

  • Your role – ‘pharmacy staff’
  • Where – select the relevant pharmacy
  • What are you seeing the patient in regard to – ‘healthy living advice’

Once you have clicked ‘submit’ that client will be sent a text/email giving the details on how to register with LiveWell Dorset. The tool has been designed to be quick and easy to use so you can make a referral in less than 2 minutes! We collect aggregate data on any referrals made using the contact my patient tool and can send out quarterly reports that include information on:

  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Deprivation quintile client lives in
  • Pathways they activated
  • PCN client is registered with

Please contact if you are interested in the reporting or would like more information from a member of one of the LiveWell Dorset engagement team.