The NICE Medicines and Prescribing Programme

Katie Taylor is a pharmacist working in the CCG, and Katie has recently been recruited as an Associate to the NICE Medicines and Prescribing Programme. Katie will be using the Dorset LPC website to share news and updates from NICE with Pharmacy Teams, but first an introduction to the programme….

The fundamental aim is to support high quality, safe, cost effective prescribing and medicines optimisation.  This includes helping clinicians to improve adherence, reduce medication and inappropriate polypharmacy and enhance their engagement with patients.

Katie has a direct link into NICE that gives her access to medicines education, expertise, support, materials, advice and an email forum. Katie attends regular training days which cover a wide range of clinical topics. So will be making sure that NICE’s guidance and the messages behind the news stories reach the LPC community.

Using these networks, Katie is also the ‘go to’ person if Pharmacy Teams have any feedback or queries about NICE guidance. Please feel free to contact Katie on