Dynamic Purchasing System Community Provider Events Presentations & Guides

Public Health Dorset, in discussion with procurement colleagues in Dorset County Council, believe that a new type of contracting system – the Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) – which allows for longer term contracts, but also has increased flexibility within it, would allow Pubic Health Dorset to meet public service regulations and also bring benefit to Community Providers.

Public Health Dorset held two evening events with community. The presentations and information made available at these events were as follows:-

This information is also available on the Public Health Dorset Website 

If you would like further information, please contact Bianca Sharman, b.sharman@publichealthdorset.org.uk Tel: 01202 451 828.

How to apply for the DPS
The Public Health Dorset webinar from 1st March 2016 is now available online for those pharmacies that have been successful in tendering for smoke stop services. You can access the webinar via this link: