Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) how to apply

As part of the governments initiative to implement e-procurement, Dorset County Council, on behalf of Public Health Dorset, established a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) to commission Community Health Improvement Services.

Any pharmacy wishing to be included in delivering services will need to apply electronically to become an approved provider. Once this is complete the provider will be able to “bid” for the Lots as they go live. Only those who have completed the process for becoming approved providers will be able to bid for the Lots.

Signing up is a “two stage” process:

Stage 1 = registering on the http://www.supplyingthesouthwest.org.uk (click on supplier registration) website, once you have done this you will receive notification emails.  Please see detailed guidance on how to register below…

Stage 2 = registering to become an approved provider of services, this process will require you to answer questions and provide information

Stage 1 – Registration to receive notification emails:-

If you wish to tender for community health services you must register electronically with the Pro Contract Opportunities Forum. 

Dorset LPC have a Hints & Tips document that will help you with this process.

Registration to the electronic system will allow you to tender for public sector contracts, and view all opportunities and relevant documentation. Other benefits are:-
• Make buyers aware of your presence
• Receive Pre-Qualification Questionnaires, Requests for Quotes and Invitations to Tender electronically for specific services when these requirements are identified
• Submit your quotations and tenders electronically almost instantly
• All you need is an internet connection and an email account
• Reduce your paper and associated printing costs
• Benefit from proven added security and knowledge that your submission has been delivered
• It is the intention for the DPS to be open for up to 4 years

If you would like to register your pharmacy on the system, you can register free now – at the tender system ProContract hosted via http://www.supplyingthesouthwest.org.uk (click on supplier registration)

New users will be required to register onto the system and clear instructions are given and contact points available within the portal. By registering against the following CPV codes, and/or the others stated in the OJEU Notice (OJEU stands for the Official Journal of the European Union – this is the publication in which all tenders from the public sector which are valued above a certain financial threshold according to EU legislation, must be published), you will be able to locate this opportunity and also receive invitations to tender electronically.

CPV (Common Procurement Vocabulary) CODES:

 85323000 Community Health Services
 85100000 Health Services
 85120000 Medical Practice and Related Services
 85140000 Miscellaneous Health Services


The Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) procurement process will consist of the following Lots and Tenderers may apply electronically for admission to one or all lots. Each Lot opens, suitable providers are found and a start date will have been agreed. The current providers will be given notice that their service will cease. If a current provider has applied to be a new provider and bid for the Lot they may well find there is absolutely no change to what they actually deliver but their service agreement will be under the DPS and will be for a number of years (4) rather than an annual contract.

 Lot 1 – Health Check Assessments
 Lot 2 – Health Checks Invitation Management
 Lot 3 – Sexual Health Level 1
 Lot 4 – Sexual Health Level 2
 Lot 5 – Supervised Consumption
 Lot 6 – Needle Exchange
 Lot 7 – Smoking Cessation
 Lot 8 – Weight Management
 Lot 9 – Immunisation

Stage 2 – registering to become an approved provider of services:-

If you have not received an electronic response confirming your acceptance as an approved provider then you may not have fully completed all the information required. Please be aware that Public Health Dorset (PHD) review applications on a monthly basis so there will be a delay between you submitting your information and receiving a response. If PHD require you to submit additional information they will send you an electronic message to inform you.  You will need to open and read every message regarding DPS or you could easily miss some very significant information.  Public Health Dorset are able to monitor which contractors have actually opened and read their messages. If you have any queries regarding the registration process for DPS please contact the Public Health Dorset Procurement Team on PHTenders@dorsetcc.gov.uk

Finally, please find below several documents that may help you.

1.  Procurement Document

2. Terms & Conditions

3. Appendix A – General Services Specification

4. Appendix J – D4. Appendix J – DBS Checks

5. Prospectus

6. First Time System Login

7. The Tender Process within ProContract

These documents are also available on the ProContract website at via http://www.supplyingthesouthwest.org.uk

The e-tender system provides supplier support via the Supplier Help icon.

If you have any queries regarding this information please contact:- PHTenders@dorsetcc.gov.uk


Public Health Dorset held two evening events with contractors. The presentations and information made available at these events were as follows:-

The Public Health Dorset website has further information & guidance on the electronic procurement process at:- http://www.publichealthdorset.org.uk/providing/community-providers/community-providers-information


Dorset LPC will provide support for contractors entering this process, however please be aware that Dorset LPC does not have any information about who has applied to become a provider.